[Got It?] Follow Me – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #04 Follow Me (ttarawa)

1st verse:
[ROM] [Bam/Mark] hemaego daniji malgo yeogiro orago
[Bam/Mark] dorabojima GOT7 uriwa noljago
[Bam/Mark] doljago Turn & Turn
[Bam/Mark] ttwieodanimyeo sago chyeo


[HAN] [Bam/Mark] 헤매고 다니지 말고 여기로 오라고
[Bam/Mark] 돌아보지마 GOT7 우리와 놀자고
[Bam/Mark] 돌자고 Turn & Turn
[Bam/Mark] 뛰어다니며 사고 쳐


[Bam/Mark] Don’t wander around and just come here
[Bam/Mark] Don’t look back, GOT7, come play with us,
[Bam/Mark] Turn and turn,
[Bam/Mark] Run around and get in trouble


Rap verse:
You gon get it girl, I’ma pretty boy
Quit playin hard to get you’ll never find a better boy
So come along with me if you wanna do it right
Cause I can show you
How to have a good time, all night
So tell me whatcha think, doesn’t it sound nice?
So follow follow me if you want that good life
GOT 7 GOT GOT 7 (what)
GOT 7 GGOT GOT 7 (hey)


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