[Got It?] I Like You – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #03 I Like You (nan niga joha)

1st verse:
[ROM] ttae eolmana yeppeun ji molla
neomu dalkomhaeseo hal ttaemada kkamjjak nolla
geureonde wae gyesok
neoneun niga teukbyeolhadaneun geol molla
eotteon yeojal deryeowado nan neoreul golla


[HAN] 때 얼마나 예쁜 지 몰라
너무 달콤해서 할 때마다 깜짝 놀라
그런데 왜 계속
너는 니가 특별하다는 걸 몰라
어떤 여잘 데려와도 난 너를 골라


[ENG] You don’t know how pretty you are,
It’s so sweet that I get shocked each time
But why don’t you know how special you are?
No matter what girl you bring me,
I’ll pick you


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