[IDENTIFY] Gimme Gimme – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #02 Gimme gimme

Rap verse:
[ROM] neon geunyang naege wa iriro wa
eonjekkaji chueok soge geu namjawa
hamkke hal sun eomneun geo janheo eo?
nae marida matjanheo eo?
U know what I’m saying geunyang saenggageul
mareo jeobeo geurae jebal geuman ureo
deo isangeun mot bogesseo
na deo isangeun seongjil naseo mot chamgesseo


[HAN] 넌 그냥 내게 와 이리로 와
언제까지 추억 속에 그 남자와
함께 할 순 없는 거 잖어 어?
내 말이다 맞잖어 어?
U know what I’m saying 그냥 생각을
말어 접어 그래 제발 그만 울어
더 이상은 못 보겠어
나 더 이상은 성질 나서 못 참겠어


[ENG] Just come to me, come here,
how long are you going to live in
your memories with that guy?
You can’t be with him, right? I’m right, right?
U know what I’m saying, just push away
those thoughts, please stop crying
I can’t look at this anymore, I’m getting mad,
I can’t hold it in anymore


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