[FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE] Fly – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #01 FLY


2nd verse:
[ROM] niga sarangbanneunge mwoga geureoke geomna
ni yeopen naega inneunde mwoga duryeowo geobina
uri sarangeun pyeongbeomhande
geu gachineun jael su eomne you hear me?
machi haneureul nalgo itjiman
ttuk tteoreojil geot gateun gibun?


[HAN] 니가 사랑받는게 뭐가 그렇게 겁나
니 옆엔 내가 있는데 뭐가 두려워 겁이나
우리 사랑은 평범한데
그 가치는 잴 수 없네 you hear me?
마치 하늘을 날고 있지만
뚝 떨어질 것 같은 기분?


[ENG] Why are you so afraid of being loved?
I’m right here next to you so what’s there
to be afraid of? – Our love is ordinary
but you can’t measure its value. You hear me?
It feels like we’re flying
but falling at the same time



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