[IDENTIFY] Just Tonight – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #05 Just Tonight (geunyang oneul bam)


1st verse:
[ROM] Wonhae? Slow down 
neon mwol haejul geonde Baby
nan wonhae Make you smile
geureom neon utji aegi
jeuk seonsu ipjang nan nege an doeji
geu eotteon sanghwangirado naege igilteni
So give up baby


[HAN] 원해? Slow down
넌 뭘 해줄 건데 Baby
난 원해 Make you smile
그럼 넌 웃지 애기
즉 선수 입장 난 네게 안 되지
그 어떤 상황이라도 내게 이길테니
So give up baby


[ENG] Want me? Slow down
What will you do for me baby?
I want to make you smile
Then you smile like a baby
But you’re like a player, I can’t compete with you
Because whatever it is, you’ll always win over me
So give up baby


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