[IDENTIFY] Magnetic Girl – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #04 Magnetic (neoran girl)


First verse:
[ROM] meori soge neon maeil chullyeonhae
eotteon saenggageul haedo gyeolguk niga juyeonhae
geureoda pullin nae eolgul pyojeongeuro honjatmalhae


[HAN] 머리 속에 넌 매일 출연해
어떤 생각을 해도 결국 니가 주연해
그러다 풀린 내 얼굴 표정으로 혼잣말해


[ENG] You appear in my head every day
Whatever I’m thinking about, you star in it
Then with a zoned out face, I start talking to myself

2nd verse:
[ROM] (dungdungdung) jigeum deullineun
i sorineun buk soriga anya
(dungdudungdungdung) neol saenggak hal ttae
jeomjeom keojyeoganeun simjangsoriya


[HAN] (둥둥둥) 지금 들리는
이 소리는 북 소리가 아냐
(둥두둥둥둥) 널 생각 할 때
점점 커져가는 심장소리야


[ENG] (Boom boom boom) What you’re hearing right
now is not the sound of a drum
(Boom boom boom boom) It’s the sound of my heart
that grows louder every time I think of you


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