[IDENTIFY] Stay – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track ​#07 Stay (geudaero isseodo dwae)


Hey baby girl

Give me some more time

I’ll never change girl

Hear me out Let’s go
2nd verse:

[ROM] yejeon gatji antan neoui mal

gieok sogui nal chatneun neol

iksukji anheun deut natseon neowa na

nan geudaeroinde mwonga dareudae
[HAN] 예전 같지 않단 너의 말

기억 속의 날 찾는 널

익숙지 않은 듯 낯선 너와 나

난 그대로인데 뭔가 다르대
[ENG] You said things weren’t like before

You’re looking for the me in your memories

It feels strange between you and me, as if things are unfamiliar

I’m the same but why are you saying it’s different?

Hey baby girl Don’t worry no more

I’ll never change girl u know I won’t

Your love is all I need so girl

Give me some time I’ll show you all


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