[JUST RIGHT] Just Right – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #01 Just Right (ttak joha)


1st verse:
[ROM] manyang haengbokhamyeon dwae geokjeong eopsi
bujokhan jeomi mwonji chatgi eopgi
geoul daesin geunyang nae nun bicheul barabwa
jeoul daesin nae deung wie ollatabwa bwa


[HAN] 마냥 행복하면 돼 걱정 없이
부족한 점이 뭔지 찾기 없기
거울 대신 그냥 내 눈 빛을 바라봐
저울 대신 내 등 위에 올라타봐 봐


[ENG] Just be happy, don’t worry
Don’t look for your flaws
Instead of the mirror, just look into my eyes
Instead of the scale, just get on my back


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