[JUST RIGHT] Mine – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #05 Mine

2nd verse:
[ROM] modu barabwa neoreul humchyeobwa
ni yeope nareul bogo aswiun nunbitman
neoui chimyeongjeogin maeryeok deokbune
jiltusim manheun naneun pigonhameul deokbone


[HAN] 모두 바라봐 너를 훔쳐봐
니 옆에 나를 보고 아쉬운 눈빛만
너의 치명적인 매력 덕분에
질투심 많은 나는 피곤함을 덕보네


[ENG] Everyone’s looking at you, stealing glances
They see me next to you and look disappointed
Because of your fatal charms
I get tired because I’m so jealous


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