[JUST RIGHT] My Body is Reacting – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #03 My whole body is reacting (onmomi baneunghae)


[ROM] sepo hanahanaga da baneunghae
meoributeo balkkeutkkaji da baneunghae


[HAN] 세포 하나하나가 다 반응해
머리부터 발끝까지 다 반응해


[ENG] Every single cell in my body reacts
From my head to my toes, everything reacts


2nd verse:
[ROM] hajiman neon nari galsurok
deo daedamhaejigo mudyeojyeoseo

deo gipeun sangcheoreul naego
naneun deo apahajiman


[HAN] 하지만 날이 갈수록
대담해지고 무뎌져서
더 깊은 상처를 내고
나는 더 아파하지만


[ENG] But the more time passed,
the more bold and indifferent you became

So you gave me a deeper scar
and I was in even more pain


Rap verse:

[ROM] teochiran geol arasseul ttaen imi neujeobeorin deut
aesseo balbeodungeul chyeodo ppajyeonaol su eomneun
neupieosseo nan seoseo hi garaanjasseo
biutdeusi nae mom soge dogeun gyesok peojyeosseo


[HAN] 덫이란 걸 알았을 땐 이미 늦어버린 듯
애써 발버둥을 쳐도 빠져나올 수 없는
늪이었어 난 서서 히 가라앉았어
비웃듯이 내 몸 속에 독은 계속 퍼졌어


[ENG] When I knew it was a trap, it was already too late
I tried so hard but I couldn’t escape
It’s too late, I’m slowly sinking
But as if you’re ridiculing me,
the poison in my body keeps spreading


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