[JUST RIGHT] Nice – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #04 Nice

Rap verse:
[ROM] Hey baby modu da yeppeun neoreul wonhae
hajiman neodo aljanha namani neol gamdanghae
You’re the only one ijen nal mitgo ttarawajwo
uisimhaji malgo ijeneun nawa Kick it


[HAN] Hey baby 모두 다 예쁜 너를 원해
하지만 너도 알잖아 나만이 널 감당해
You’re the only one 이젠 날 믿고 따라와줘
의심하지 말고 이제는 나와 Kick it


[ENG] Hey baby, everyone wants the pretty you
But you know that only I can handle you
You’re the only one, now trust me and follow me
Don’t doubt me, kick it with me now




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