[MAD] Eyes On You – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #05 Eyes On You (nunigayo)


1st verse:
[ROM] jeokdanghi tongtonghae neomu yeppeune
chokgami eotteolji cham gunggeumhae
useul ttaen boreul kkojibeo bogo sipeo
deo isang nan mot chamgesseo My girl


[HAN] 적당히 통통해 너무 예쁘네
촉감이 어떨지 참 궁금해
웃을 땐 볼을 꼬집어 보고 싶어
더 이상 난 못 참겠어 My girl


[ENG] Just a little plump you’re too beautiful
I’m really curious about how it might be to touch you
When you laugh and i pinch your cheeks,
I wanna see it – I can’t stand it anymore my girl





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