[FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE] Hey – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #06 Hey

1st verse:
[ROM] daeche gyaega mwoga joha
naega bol ttaen neoreul joha
haneun geot gachi aneunde
wae moreuneunde


[HAN] 대체 걔가 뭐가 좋아
내가 볼 땐 너를 좋아
하는 것 같지 않은데
왜 모르는데


[ENG] What is it that you like about him
When I see you,
I don’t think he likes you
Why don’t you get it, everyone knows but you


[ROM] geu aega neomu himdeunde haejul ge neomu eomne
gojak nan ireoke hwanaeneun geot bakken whoo


[HAN] 그 애가 너무 힘든데 해줄 게 너무 없네
고작 이렇게 화내는 밖엔 whoo


[ENG] She’s having a hard time but
There’s not much I can do
All I can do is get angry like this whoo



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