[FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE] No Jam – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track#05 No Jam (nojaem)

2nd verse:
[ROM] Ayy ijebuteo sijak doel geoya
dadeul du soneul meori wiro deureobwa
Like this tteugeopge
nunchi boji malgo bunwigi tago ttara hae
ajik jichijido ana haetteugien sigani nama
Climax ollagago isseo gal ttaekkaji
Tension yujihago michyeoisseo


[HAN] Ayy 이제부터 시작 될 거야
다들 두 손을 머리 위로 들어봐
Like this 뜨겁게
눈치 보지 말고 분위기 타고 따라 해
아직 지치지도 않아 해뜨기엔 시간이 남아
Climax 올라가고 있어 갈 때까지
Tension 유지하고 미쳐있어


[ENG] Ayy it’s going to start now
Everyone put your hands above your head
like this, lit
Don’t watch what other people think and just go with the flow
I’m not tired yet, there’s time before dawn
Climax it’s going up and going
tension is still there and it’s crazy


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