[FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE] Sick – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #11 Sick (apa)


Rap verse:
[ROM] Uh yeah, come on!
haruharu jinado nae gaseumi tto apeugo
geunde neoneun amureochido anchi
hamkke jeulgin sungandeure utgo ssaul ttaeneun ulgo
ireon chueokdeuri ijen saenggakdo an nagetji


[HAN] Uh yeah, come on!
하루하루 지나도 내 가슴이 또 아프고
근데 너는 아무렇지도 않지
함께 즐긴 순간들에 웃고 싸울 때는 울고
이런 추억들이 이젠 생각도 안 나겠지


[ENG] Every day passes and my heart still hurts
But you are completely fine
You won’t even think about memories when
We laughed when we enjoyed things together and cried when we fought
Now it’s a path of no return




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