[FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE] Who’s That – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #09 Who’s That


2nd verse:
[ROM] na amuri saenggakhaebwado
geu sijeomeun al suga eopseo
hansungane dalla boyeosseo geusae
huljjeok jaran yeppeun ne eolgul
neomeogagieneun akkaun
naman neukkineun maeryeogiji


[HAN] 나 아무리 생각해봐도
그 시점은 알 수가 없어
한순간에 달라 보였어 그새
훌쩍 자란 예쁜 네 얼굴
넘어가기에는 아까운
나만 느끼는 매력이지


[ENG] No matter how much I think about it, I don’t know when it was
You looked difference all at once
Your face grew pretty
It’s an appeal that would be sad to let go to waste
Look at me, do you know that if I suddenly come to you


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