[FLIGHT LOG: TURBULENCE] Hard Carry – GOT7 Mark Individual Lyrics

Track #02 Hard Carry


2nd verse:
[ROM] nan geimeseo jinjeogi eopseo
maebeon kkeutjangeul bwa passioni neomchyeo
geopumi saljjak kkin urin
noneun deneun an jineun sillyeok inneun gembeulleo


[HAN] 난 게임에서 진적이 없어
매번 끝장을 봐 passion이 넘쳐
거품이 살짝 낀 우린
노는 데는 안 지는 실력 있는 겜블러


[ENG] I’ve never lost a game before
I always see the end, overflowing with passion
We have slight foam but we don’t lose when
it comes to playing – A skilled gambler


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